Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Progress on Kitchen- Part 2

Nasty Wall before everything started.  That air conditioner is coming out and the blinds are coming down!!
This wall is going to be brightened up!  On with it!

My kitchen inspiration for the cabinets
My walls will look similar to this as the paint in my kitchen is dark like this.  It is called Warm Caramel.
Love how the white brightens up the space!!!
If you missed my first post a while back on what I have done so far go here

I was wondering how I might decide on how high I wanted the board and batten to come in my kitchen
I think I have the magic number figured out......50 3/4" from the ground.
......odd but there is a reason.

I KNOW that I want to extend the board and batten into the family room adjoining the kitchen because it would look better to have it continue into other parts of the house.....I'd be insane to not to continue the
sophistication into the next room!

TANGENT... so back to the reason I chose that random number.  I went into the family room and found any light outlets or funny things that would get in the way of the board and batten.  Since our house was built in 1912, something has been added by every.single.owner. just to add to the charm that our house is.

One of those charms are oh.....a nice, UGLY door to the circuit breaker that can't be covered even by paint......and......wait for it
......on the wall behind the entertainment center!   FABULOUS HUH?
This will look great when it's done after the kitchen :)  Don't mind the mismatched touch up paint around the light switch.....lesson learned- don't ever do touch up paint when you are tired...sometimes you put the wrong color on...haha

So to help cover that up I brought the board and batten measurement all the way underneath it so that I can set a little picture on the shelf of the board and batten AND COVER UP THE MONSTROSITY that is the circuit breaker door.
This was before I started painting the outside of the drawer.....I have two more coats to go and contact paper to put in the bottom.  I want my cabinets to be pretty inside and out!

So far I have pulled out two drawers and started to paint the inside of them, gone and bought a ton of supplies and am waiting for the energy to ATTACK this project.
.........I think I have a holiday hangover....even though I don't drink:)

I put two coats of thin white paint on the drawers and FINALLY found white contact paper for the inside of the drawers because BOY ARE THEY U.G.L.Y.
We will be putting an extra board along the bottom of the window to make it more even because the plaster is cracking under the window seal.  Then we'll build around it with the board and batten.

All that junk in the open shelf is supplies for this project.  I already started putting the beadboard wallpaper up.

This side of the kitchen I am not quite sure what to do with the upper cabinets because they are so unattractive.  In the spring this flooring is going....so excited!  Think knotty laminate :)

We don't really use the fan much and I am craving some real shelfs or a pan rack above the stove.....any ideas?

I will be adding beadboard wallpaper to the sides of the cabinets for some added flair.

A better picture of the crack and groove under the window seal that will be hidden.
Pretty plain huh?  It will be stinkin' cute when I get done with it....in a month!

On the up side the worse the before the better the after right??

Have you painted your kitchen cabinets?  How long did it take you?

I think I might have to recruit a couple of friends to have a painting party to get this done!!
The Nester (thenester.com) recruited some lovely ladies to slip cover her entire sectional for her.....I think my odds might be pretty good :)


  1. This will be so cute when it is done. I'm excited for you to get going on your kitchen. Also, those are super cute owls on your counter are those jars or just a ceramic thing. I never really paid attention to owls in the past but recently a friend pointed them out to me and I realized how cute they really are I'm now really liken them and wish I had something owl!

    Good luck with the renovations! I wish I was there to help you paint that would be fun.

    Erin P.

  2. Erin- I am way excited to get going as well! The owls are cookie jars with lids. My Mom found them at the DI and I never realized how cute they were until a couple of years ago I had the urge to do owls in Tucker and Nathan's room. I liked them so much that I traded her all of my chicken stuff....so that means I was serious...lol
    I have seen cute owl pillows online that you can make or buy. You should make yourself an owl pillow and tell everyone it's yours and no-one can touch it...haha