Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This year's Christmas Reality

My Smith Clan

I have to say Christmas this year didn't turn out the way I had envisioned in my mind.

I planned on having home made Christmas pajamas for all six of us this year....didn't get very far.  Too many sewing machine issues :)

I didn't host a Christmas tour of my home....
   because I barely got around to putting up the tree and a few lights around the house...sigh

We had frozen pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve.......there goes a nice "traditional" dinner :)
I didn't even get around to making a nice dinner for Christmas Day.....but that's okay.

My kids spent WAY to many hours in their comfortable PURCHASED pajamas......and we played with every toy ten million times....watched movies.....and visited family.

I am starting to realize that the best things in life are SIMPLE....

One of my main goals for 2011 is to SIMPLIFY life.
This is very hard for me since I have so many interests.....but I know in the end it will be worth it!

Here are my goals so that I have someone to answer to and I have someone to check in to :)

Take more time to pamper myself.
Smile more....because a bad attitude melts away quickly if I can just smile.
Never have more than two projects going at once :)   I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE!
Delegate ALL sewing responsibilities for my business!!
Do what I love!....blog more, create more, laugh more, spend more time with my kids and husband because they are what matters.
Serve others without a second glance.
Dare to dream and do what we want to do!
ALWAYS have a prayer in my heart......everything falls into place when we truly trust who is really in charge :)

What are your goals for 2011?


  1. those are some great goals!! I will have to take on one of your goals for me and that is to only have 2 projects at once hahaha. since I've picked up sewing I am bouncing of the walls and drowning in material. Thank you for the idea. :D

  2. We had pizza for Christmas Eve too! The kids loved it!! They probably wouldn't have eaten roast and potatoes anyways. And as for your store bought pajamas... well if you get them on sale, I figure there is no point in spending more on fabric and all your time.

    You did great!
    Thanks for coming by and sharing your link with me!