Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Dream Bedding!

So I found my dream bedding set for the bedroom!  The price range however is kind of in my Pottery Barn Dreams.....
   I have had something like this in mind for the past year.  I am hoping that I'll be able to knock this one off for say $40.00?!
My Bedroom is still  a ways off but when I get to it I will know exactly what I want to do with it!!


  1. I would have to do this AFTER kids. White? No way! My room would have to be totally off limits. :) I do think it is really pretty, though!

  2. I love this bedding!! but its true, white is a dangerous color. hahaha I wouldn't even let my husband lay on it. hehe

  3. That's crazy gorgeous. I can see why you're dreaming of it!

  4. I'm debating. If I can bleach it that would help. So use really white sheets to make the duvet cover.