Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is in the Air!

My favorite time of year is here!
   Not just because it is Halloween.....because I love Fall time here in Utah!!
One of my favorite bloggers Nester is having a fall mantel party and I wanted to share!!
   I don't have a mantel but I adore decorating my entry table in my front room!

Here is my Fall entry table.  All it takes is a little bit of color and sticks to transform your front room into Fall!  This is the new color on my walls in the front room by the way!  It is actually more yellow than it shows in the picture!

Happy Fall Decorating!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sneak Peak.....cabinet redo.

Here is a preview of what I have been doing while working on the front room.....too many projects at once people!!
Our Kitchen is absolutely I wanted to open it up by adding a few open cabinets and embellishing them a bit.
First of all I LOVE breadboard wallpaper!
    Secondly....I love paint.
Those two reasons alone tell me that there is no reason why I shouldn't attempt this project.

So far I have removed the median and the doors.  Then I sanded all of the edges down and cut breadboard wallpaper the right size.
As you can see.....these cabinets are ancient and need some major sprucing up.

I am sure many of you are looking at this and wondering to yourself why I don't just buy new cabinets.
Two reasons....expense....and I love painted cabinets and could never bring myself to paint over some really nice, new cabinets.
There will be more pictures if this to come in the next couple of days!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Who Am I?

I guess I should have introduced myself in the beginning....LOL

My name is Julia and I am a Mom, wife, interior decorator, fashion designer, pattern maker, seamstress, blogger junkie, and lover of people!

At times I have so much "creative energy" that I don't know what to do with myself because I get inspired and up and start ANOTHER project!  I always have at least five projects going at once.  Sometimes people stop by and my house will be completely pulled out because I am having a project day.

I have an online modest clothing boutique under the name Black and White Apparel on
I have done mostly swimwear for the past three summers and am currently working on my dress line while doing prototypes for a local Utah company.  It is my hope that this business will turn into something bigger than it is so that I can help other people with their modest clothing needs!  Also, it is my passion!

I am the mother to four amazing little boys!  Their ages are 7, 5, 3, and 1 years old.  They will be referred to on here as B, I, T, and N.  So many people tell me that I really have my hands full.....but I feel so blessed to have their constant presence taking over every facet of my thinking, agenda, priorities, and well life.   They teach me how to be a better person.  My boys....including my dear husband of almost 8 years are incredibly supportive!!  They love to see what I am working on next and always let me know if they like what I have created!  Without my husband my dreams of owning a business and designing modest, chic fashions would never be possible!  He is the one who told me three years ago that if I didn't start the business then that I would never start at all!  So I took it at face value and began.  I have had many challenges, joys, and discouragement along the way but have decided to stick it out because it has potential.

I love to find new ways to decorate my 1096 square foot home!  It is my goal to turn this home into the cottage of me and my husbands dreams!  We won't be here forever but fixing it up is what is important to us now!  Believe me it has a long way to go!

I hope you will find some of the things I do to be of inspiration and usefulness to you as I make my house a true home!!!


Front Room Inspiration

My front room remodel is taking much longer than planned!

    ......But isn't that always the case with a Mom of four boys?

I have finally completed the paint job and am absolutely loving it!  It is very sunny and whimsy.....and I am thinking of oh so many ways to accessorize it!

One of the things I am dying to do is to pull up the carpet and paint it!  I could put traditional pergo in there but it would be more thrifty and unique to paint the floor.  I found just the photo the other day that was so inspiring to me that I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET IT OUT OF MY MIND!

Just to let you know...our house was built in 1912 and has wood floors in 90% of the house.  They have never been finished as far as I can tell!  So it's going to be risky but I haven't got much to lose since all I would have to give is some time, paint (maybe oops paint.) and topcoat.  Here is the link to the picture that inspires me!
Let me know what you think??

Monday, September 6, 2010

Project Mania!!

Ever since we moved into our home two years ago I have had so many projects I have wanted to try.  I am going from being a blogger stalker to being a real bonefied blogger.....let's hope!

This is my collection of projects to turn our home from someone else's tastes into our own little cottage home!


First up the front room  turned dining room re-do!!