Saturday, January 8, 2011

Progress on Kitchen- Part 3

I wanted to show you the progress on my kitchen so far even though I haven't gotten as far as I would like. Progress is progress right?
Of course I had to decorate it while I'm transitioning!
I rolled two coats of off white paint in a nice gloss so it will be scrubbable.
I also did not use a drop cloth because I can just peel the paint off the linoleum.
.....drop cloths have never worked for me....especially cheap, plastic ones because they stick to my feet.

Doesn't it look so much brighter already!!?  It already feels like a new space with the white. to find the saw that goes to my miter box to finish this.
Ah, life with four kids.....sometimes I wonder if I know where my brain is! Hee hee!

Here is what I did to get this far.
I took a regular paint brush and did the edges.  If you do this be quick about it so that you don't get paint lines because it dried before you got to it with the roller.  Having two people to do it at once would be awesome!  You don't even need to go all the way up to the line because that line will be covered by the wide board that goes on top of board and batten.

I had to show you where I had to just paint around the already painted over outlet.  I got my screwdrivers out and tried to get it out to no avail.   The screw was WAY too stripped to get out because it's so old!  I'll let my husband take care of this one :)
I don't know who in their right mind decides to paint over a piece of plastic thinking it will look good!?

The gloss that I used is by Olympia and is waterbased.  I wouldn't have used this brand normally because it is $28.00 a gallon, but the paint guy who mixed it chose the brand of sure to watch those paint guys to make sure your supposed thrifty project doesn't become expensive.  I'll be using this paint for all of my trim now....every drop!!

I painted this problem area under the window just in case you can see under the board at certain angles....since you cannot get it completely flat.

This will end up looking smooth when it's done....especially if I use some wall putty and sandpaper.

Old houses are interesting how they crack all over the place.

My attempt to cover the heinous air conditioner....that we should probably remove since it is 8 degrees outside.

B decided he must be in the picture.  I feel like this is looking much brighter after two coats of paint.  I can hardly wait to add the boards!
Until next time......

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  1. It's looking really great! Can't wait to see it all finished!