Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bedroom LOVE

I came across a picture of thenester's  (  bedroom that she has recently redone.
It is so pretty!
The wooden floors add so much!
I love the fact that I have this very same sleigh bed purchased from Big Lots!  I have thought of painting it.....the white is so pretty!  By the way....
we will be switching our bedroom with the boys bedroom this week.  They get a bigger place to play and another set of bunk beds.  We get a smaller room, but hopefully less clutter from the boys having a bigger room.  Can't wait to show you once it's put together!

Obviously that will have to wait since I am organizing the work room AND being inspired with the kitchen!  Only 2 projects at a time...only two.  I'm trying to make that my mantra.

What do you think of all the white in this room?


  1. Perhaps so much white will have to wait until the boys are older and know how to stay outta your room!? :o) Otherwise i LOVE it

  2. I saw this room yesterday and fell in love. I am totally stealing her paint color choice. I have a similar bed and love the way hers looks painted white. Go for it!!

  3. Rebecca- I know I'll have to wipe everything down all the my white cabinets, but it looks so serene!!