Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get Organized for the New Year

I received one of my favorite magazines in the mail today...Better Homes and Gardens.  I admit it. 
Not only am I a blog junkie, but also a magazine junkie!  Born and raised....so is my Mom.
I blame her for getting me started!

They have a website and some links to help you get organized for the new year...so I could not resist sharing some of my favorites with the links here.

A storage plan that is done for you already.  For the whole year!!!
My favorite is the kids rooms.  I need all the help I can get there!

I love the colors in this room.  I love cubbies!

For a more organized kitchen that won't break the bank.

I love to have dishes displayed and everything else put away!

For a cleaner entryway.

I like this because it is clean enough with kids and so much fun!
Interesting how white walls are back in.

For a less messy office.

I like how there is some kind of clutter on the bulletin board, but then everything else is tucked away into compartments.

Hopefully this will help with any budding New Year's notions.
Just think.....with a plan to help you do something every week to the room of the month through the year long planner it could become more than just a resolution!! 
Good luck!  We ALL need it!!


  1. I seriously feel like I need to start the new year more organized. I just did my closet last week, next week it's the office! I love the cubbies!

  2. Great ideas! It is funny how white walls are back in...but are they just in the magazines, or do people actually do them? Because if they do they might regret it with kids :)

  3. Kristin- I know for sure that in The Parade of Homes in Utah they have had white walls with dark accents. So it is starting to show up for real. But you are right....you can see those kiddos fingerprints on white plain as day.