Friday, December 17, 2010

The Winter Time Inspires Me.....

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The winter time inspires me with beachy looking images!

Even when I should be obsessed with Christmas right now.

........What's funny is that I've only been to the beach TWO times in my entire life!
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I've been thinking of decorating my home in a more beachy theme lately.  I already have the aqua and turquoise down.  I want to add more white, wood tones, and starfish to my home.
House of Turquoise

I am trying to get my walls neutral so that on a whim I can decorate whatever mood I am in.
....Just throw in some accessories and you have a whole new room!

I've never been very fond of the cold or winter time.  Maybe this is my minds way of making it through the winter!

Anyone else really not fond of the winter time?

I am even thinking of a nautical inspired design for my swimwear collection.

These are a few fabrics I found that I might do something with.

What do you think of the whole nautical theme?  Good for decor or clothing?


  1. I like both-- decor and clothing. My mom hot glued an old light-weight net and starfish/seashells to her bathroom wall. It looks awesome BUT you can't ever take them down because it rips off the paint and texture all the way down to the drywall. So, I think seashells etc are best on shelves and in jars or glued around picture frames. Ask Chelsea Wall about Alisha sea-inspired mosaics. They are awesome- or ask Jennifer Brady to see the one Alisha made for her!

  2. Awesome! I'm going to ask her! Thanks!!