Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Motivation to Clean THE Bedroom!

I needed to have an excuse to motivate myself to clean the bedroom because it is my least favorite room and no one sees it.  Now that I can see my bedroom floor thanks to the hubby:)......I wanted to organize it a bit and add something new to it for fun.

I either threw away or curbed much of this stuff!
I feel so much better doing my semi-annual dejunk fest:)
......So today I rearranged it and wanted to show you a little project that has recently been added to my all too long list of projects.....because sometimes I think I'm ADD!

I took my dresser from an old seventies oak version to a sweeter anthropoligie like dresser.  I still have the second coat and glaze to put on well as the hardware, but I had to show you what it looks like so far.

and have started to make it into THIS!

I had a before picture that was hideous, but it ended up being lost!  Oh how I wish I could show you what a transformation it has been!

I love the stripes that were so conveniently painted on the wall for me when we moved in, BUT one problem.....not much color here......
     ......hence the color inspiration for my dresser!
           ......and guess what?  I mixed this color with some paint I already had and so it cost me nothing whatsoever to do....just time.  I love to paint so that isn't a problem.
   Pretty sure that if I went more than a month without painting something I'd go into a very deep depression.

I spray painted the drawer pulls and they look awesome!  I will post when I have the whole thing done....since I like to make my rounds on all of my projects before I get the actual one done:)
Where the bed used to be.  Don't you just love the shades in the window?  I don't....still am wanting to make curtains to put up.  One day at a day at a time.

I have always struggled with the layout of this room because there aren't too many ways to arrange it.
There is a door adjoining the boys' room and we have one oddly placed window and one large window on two other walls. 
So I decided to move the bed back to the one blank wall So I can maybe add something above the bed for a little ..zing!

I love the bedspread but may later change that to something lighter.  In case you were wondering where I got the bedspread it is from Wal-mart.  It came with the pillow shams and the bed skirt for like $60.00.  It is super soft and pretty!
The blue pillows with the flowers were a find at the local Big Lots a couple of years ago.
The one blue pillow is a goodwill find and the white one I made out of a full size bed pillow.
Still trying to decide what I want there.  I love the style of aeropostale and pottery barn!
   ......But the question is Can they be mixed together? 
I always felt bad for my Mom who so lovingly has tried to pin down my style for years on clothing and decor.  Sometimes she really hits the nail on the head.....I really don't have a rhyme or reason to my style.
.......I just like what I like.
My style also changes from room to room because I'm weird like that.

Any of you out there who are like this?
While going through the junk in the corner of THE bedroom I found these nifty hooks that just stick to the wall with one swoop.  This morning my hubby told me we needed a hook to hang up his wet towel after his morning shower.  The reason it is harder to hang up our wet towels in the bathroom is because the bathroom is in the back of the house and our bedroom is in the front of the house.....great floor plan right?
So here you go.

This thing was cool because it just stuck to the wall,  but it has fallen down a few zillion times.  Anyone ever hotglue anything to the wall before?  I am tempted.
I spray painted these "shutters" a while back to go on either side of the window and just now hung them up.
I am pretty much hating those blinds but I haven't quite figured out what I want to do that won't cost an arm and a leg....and I am cheap so it will have to be something really great and thrifty.
Any ideas?

The "shutters" are actually two sections of a trifold room divider that I had forever but one of the sections broke off.  So I spray painted them two summers ago and have used them all over the house ever since.  I love them because they are versatile!
 .....To hang them I added the picture hangers with the teeth.  I used two for each and then I hung them. 
..........Not sure if they are exactly husband teases me when I hang things because it usually ends up crooked:(

Check back on some more upcoming project posts!!

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  1. I love the color of your dresser! So cute! And that was super clever to use the dividers as shutters...I may have to try that.