Monday, October 25, 2010

31 Days To a Less Messy Cottage- Day 3

Day 3-  Get the Laundry Under Control
This is not my laundry room!  Wish it was!.......swoon!

      When my house is in an uproar it is usually because the laundry needs to be washed or put away.  If you are great at laundry and keep up every day I look up to you.  I usually try to do a load or two a day.  I have never at any time had every single piece of laundry clean. (Other than what I and my family are wearing:) )
      Cutting down on clothing is a tremendous help when wanting to spend less time doing laundry.  Ideally I like to have no less than a weeks worth a clothing for each person in the family.  At the most it helps to only have ten days worth of clothing for each person.
     To be honest we have been out of whack with our laundry routine lately because we have kind of been in between seasons until recently.   So on my to-do list is to thin out the clothing again and put the out of season clothing away in bins.  In my house most of our storage goes out in the storage shed.  If you are lucky to have enough space for an extra dresser it is wise to put your out of season clothing in the drawers for easy access.(and put away:) )
I have also been told that it is easier to hang up all of your clothes so that you can spend less time folding.    A good rule of thumb when organizing or filling a container is to only fill 80% or less.  I got this piece of advice from a professional organizer.
      Sometimes I like to have my children sort the clean laundry into piles and then they fold their own clothes and put them away.  This doesn't always happen, but when it does it works like a charm.
     Some people like to do all of their laundry at once and get it over with.  I am one who most of the time procrastinates and then I get into the laundry mood and do it for a couple of days straight.  Sometimes it's okay to let the kids hang out in their pj's (ones who aren't in school of course.)  and hang around the house while I get on top of things.  There will always be those days!

I have had a lot of fun reading from The Nester's laundry post....she has the cutest laundry room with baskets to put her laundry in.  If you are going to have laundry you might as well do it in style.
Read her post!

In the future to motivate myself I will have a beautiful laundry room!  That is another project and post for another week (or life.)!

Do you have things that you do to help with laundry around your house?
I would love to know!


  1. It's not the washing and folding that I mind--it's the putting away! I usually do a load of lights and darks every other day or so. And I found that if I fold the clothes on my bed and sort them and put them away immediately, I don't end up with everything sitting in a basket for a week.

    Oh, and make your husband help!

  2. Since we share a washer and dryer with my bro and sis-in-law in the back apt, it helps that I only have a few days to get it done. Friday - Monday are my days. Everything has to be washed in those days. Like, the previous comment I also sort and fold on my bed. Cause I want to be able to go to sleep that night in my own bed and that's a big motivation to get it out of the way. When I sort I have found that if I lay out and stack the clothes its easier to fold them. I have an adult stack and a kid stack. Laying them out is helpful just in case anything happens, as always does with kids, that distracts me and pulls me away from it. So if I don't get the clothes folded and put away they are at least straight and aren't going to get too wrinkled! When I do get around to folding them, its easy to just "peel" a piece of clothing and fold it and put it in the appropriate stack!