Saturday, October 23, 2010

31 Days to A Less Messy Cottage- Day 2

.......drum roll please......

Day 2-  Five Minute Clean Sweep

To clarify it is five minutes per room except for the kitchen.....unless it is just you making the dishes for one.
At night I like to go through at least half the house (because I am tired at the end of the day!) and spend five minutes picking up things and putting them in a box.  You can use a laundry basket or whatever  you want to deposit your random items.  Ideally.... in the morning I just put the random things away.

If you only get to half the house the night before you can do the rest of the rooms with a five minute clean sweep in the morning.  When I do this I feel more energetic about starting the day instead of dreading having to get up and spend hours cleaning.

I realize that for many of us where children are pulling things out constantly...five minutes is only the tip of the iceberg!  Having your children help during the five minutes makes it like a game to see how clean they can get the room.  I tell my older two boys that for every chore they do they have a certain amount of time on the computer to play games.  This is a great incentive for them!!

I am going to try to do this EVERY night!!  Try it and you will realize what a big difference this will make in addition to deep cleaning one room a day!!!

Leave me a comment and let me know how it is helping you!!


  1. Hey Cuz, sounds like you are going to have fun trying to keep up to all the clutter, it's so hard... especially with so many little ones! Today I washed walls and did most baseboards and the doors, so much fun!!

  2. Great idea Julia! I don't have too much right now, but i know i would go mental if i didn't pick up things at the end of the day...right now a lot of it is my husbands clutter. And Tamara, washed baseboards,..good for you pregnant lady! is the nesting kicking in or something?
    Hope you are doing great J and give all those little ones a hug for us!

  3. Tamara- You are going to town! When I was prego I would go insane and scrub everything....and then take the next few days off because I was so-ooo tired :(
    Kristin- Is your husband a pack rat like Tyler used to be? He is very much the opposite now...thank goodness!